Is there anything tastier than the aromatic smell of wood fire smoke or the taste of roasted food ? Since the break of dawn of human kind, fire is shaping our food and eating culture, wich we seem to loose more and more connection to. Once the center of every family,  open fire was banned from the home within the last century and food production left to the industry. For the efficiency and the comfort of that change we pay with the loss of tastes and aromas , wich can only be produced by cooking on open fire. “Fume”  is a tableware collection, dedicated to the taste of fire. It invites to consider and rediscover the flavours of smoke. Black porcelain and smoky, dark glas is complemented by noble brass. The porcelain dishes are accompanied by cocktail glasses for smoked cocktails and a carafe and glasses for  charcoal purified water.  The cocktail glass is smoked on a brass bowl before pouring the drink into it. The smoky, rich flavour of smoke is adding to the taste of the drink. Coal on the other side is purifying and refreshing the water. Complementary in flavour, the smoked cocktail and the water are connected by the element of fire, the essence of food culture.
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